Little Known Benefits Of Hypnotherapy

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy with NLP techniques will Give you back your life, some clients have been suffering for years, or even decades with depression and anxiety low self esteem, not sleeping well and almost everything else, fears and phobias etc. and it has made their lives miserable taking medication and possibly some counselling which generally just highlights their problems, ending up with a vicious circle which through hypnotherapy can be easily and permanently dealt with.

The N.H.S. are proud of their 20% success rate of helping smokers to give up smoking. Solution focused Hypnotherapists are proud of their 80% success rate of their clients giving up smoking, without patches, gum, pills etc, and its effective, quick and permanent.

Medical and physical conditions can be helped, as underlying stress and anxiety usually exacerbates them. If you have a medical condition you may well have noticed a pattern in your symptoms, whilst in a demanding or stressful period.

Hypnotherapy is usually a last resort for people suffering in these ways as they are guided through the NHS system often waiting years for some kind of treatment whilst taking the medication, once a client has decided to come for treatment they often say “i now wish i had come to you months or years ago.”

Why suffer help is right here just waiting for you to get back the real you no matter what has happened in your past there is absolutely no need whatsoever to allow these things to keep holding you back.

Close your eyes for a moment and just imagine what that new life would look like confidence growing daily, your body being flooded with self esteem, believing in yourself once more what change would people around you notice? it looks fantastic does it not? so why are you hesitating? pick up the phone.


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