What Are The Benefits Of Hypnotherapy

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can Give you back your life, some clients have been suffering for years, or even decades with depression and anxiety not sleeping well and many other conditions, fears and phobias etc. and it has made their lives miserable taking medication and possibly some counselling which generally just highlights their problems, a vicious circle.

A lack of confidence can be turned around simply by working together using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, addictions can be a thing of the past, if you’re a smoker work out how much a months supply of cigarettes costs you, or far more importantly investigate the substances contained in cigarettes but stand by to be shocked. The poisons going into a smoker’s body and the health issues they cause are astounding.

The N.H.S. are proud of their 20% success rate of helping smokers to give up smoking. Solution focused Hypnotherapists are proud of their 80% success rate of their clients giving up smoking, and with only one session.

Medical and physical conditions can be helped, as underlying stress and anxiety usually exacerbates them. If you have a medical condition you may well have noticed a pattern in your symptoms, whilst in a demanding or stressful period.

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