What Will Happen In My Hypnotherapy Sessions

The initial consultation requires a small amount of form filling, and we will discuss confidentiality, talk briefly about what brings you to Hypnotherapy and what you want to achieve.

I will then explain to  you how our brains work and how we can create anxiety, depression, OCD, Stress etc. Then working together you start your journey to getting back control of your life and feeling confident positive and happier.

Some times the trance state will be deep sometimes it will be light but the experience is fantastic YOU are in control of your mind at ALL times and you will be completely aware of what is being said at ALL times. Even in a trance state you will know exactly what is being said, this is Hypnotherapy it is not stage hypnosis.

Most clients need around five sessions but YOU will know when you don,t need any more sessions, it will be when you are feeling good, in control, happy, and looking forward to each and every day with a smile. And who dosen,t want that?

Therapy sessions can be conducted face to face or if you are unable to attend my consulting room then we could use Zoom, Messenger or indeed i could come to you.


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