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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural occurrence that we all experience several times a day; some liken it to daydreaming, which is in itself a trance like state.

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Hypnotherapy can have a life changing effect on clients some of which have been suffering for years and decades.

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What Happens

The first meeting with your Hypnotherapist is the initial consultation, the therapist will ask what has brought you to hypnotherapy.

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Treatable Conditions

Conditions treated here using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

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High Beech Hypnotherapy Founded by Stephen Akerman
Based in St Leonards-on-sea, Hastings.

Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Depression, Loss of confidence etc, are all caused by negative thinking, in other words using the primitive fight or flight part of the brain instead of the intellectual, sensible, calm and controlled part of the brain which allows us to make rational well thought out decisions.

The Good News Is, that working together with me you will soon understand how your brain works and what is causing your feelings of depression, anxiety, loss of confidence, lack of a good nights sleep etc. I will show you simple and effective ways using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy of dealing with those problems Sound Good ?  Then lets get started.

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