What is Hypnosis And How Does It Work


Hypnosis is a natural occurrence that we all experience several times a day, some liken it to daydreaming, which is in itself a trance like state, have you ever driven to a destination and simply cannot remember the journey? that is trance, we go into trance many times a day when watching television, out for a walk or a run and yes when we are driving. Hypnosis is usually associated with a pleasant feeling of deep relaxation and this is part of the therapy.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapists use a combination of trance and talking therapy and sometimes NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques), which will bring about changes in a clients feelings and thought patterns and behaviours, which happens at a subconscious level at this point we automatically respond resulting in feeling better having got rid of the problem.

An anxious or depressed person will usually see all things from a negative point of view which can lead to a miserable existence, working with a client using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can change their life simply by changing the way they look at life, by changing negative thought patterns and building positive thought patterns. As sessions progress clients really do notice a change in their attitude to life and look forward to seeing a new day instead of dreading the sunrise.


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